Eileen Morgan, Japanese Taiko Drumming, Performer and Instructor
Eileen Morgan, Japanese Taiko Drumming, Performer and Instructor

Fushicho Daiko Dojo (Phoenix Drumming Studio)

Fushicho Daiko  


Arizona's longest running public Taiko dojo was founded in 1992 by Esther Vandecar. Eileen Morgan joined Fushicho Daiko in 1994 and became it's Executive and Artistic Director in 2011 upon Esther's retirement. Fushicho Daiko provides performances throughout Arizona, specializing in dynamic, authentic presentations that educate and inspire. Classes for beginners and advanced musicians, children and adults are held daily at their downtown Phoenix dojo/studio. More information and registrations at www.taikoaz.com 

Community Taiko Groups of Fushicho Daiko

Saboten Taiko

 is a fun loving, energetic and enthusiast group made up of friends, husbands and wives, sons and daughters ranging in age from 12 to 70's. Founded by Eileen Morgan in 2003, Saboten has performed at festivals and community centers throughout Phoenix. Their sense of joy and fun makes their performances a joy to watch and great fun for all. 





Phoenix Taiko Kai 


is Fushicho Daiko's longest running community group, founded right after Fushicho Daiko. Several members have been playing for over 17 years! Their enthusiasm and joy in playing Taiko will inspire you. More on their website: www.phoenix-taiko-kai.com





Aozora (Blue Sky) Taiko 


began in 2004 and plays with power and precision. Their repertoire is wide-ranging and mesmerizing. They perform each year at Matsuri, A Festival of Japan in downtown Phoenix, the last full weekend of February. 



Kemushi (Caterpillar) Taiko


is made up of children ages 8-13 who have been playing from 1-4 years of Taiko. They are a fun loving bunch who play with enthusiasm and precision, wowing audiences of all ages. 
More information about classes for children at 

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