Eileen Morgan, Japanese Taiko Drumming, Performer and Instructor
Eileen Morgan, Japanese Taiko Drumming, Performer and Instructor

Eileen Morgan has a B.S. Degree in Music Education,
K-12 and a Master's Education Degree in Deaf Education, K-12 and has taught in public, private and special needs schools since 1986. Eileen began studying Taiko in 1992 with Esther Vandecar, founder and director of
Fushicho Daiko/Phoenix Drummers as part of Esther's long term residency at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf.
As the music teacher for hearing impaired and deaf students at PDSD, Eileen sign language interpreted for Esther and helped teach Taiko to the students. Eileen quickly fell under the spell of taiko and joined Fushicho Daiko as a performer in 1994 and instructor in 2003. Since then, the group has traveled throughout Arizona and the Southwest, bringing high energy performances and residencies to tens of thousands of children and adults.

Fushicho Daiko Phoenix Taiko Drummers
Eileen Morgan; director

Marsha Robb, Murray Writtle, Emma Sansone, Lyndsey Hoffman, Kolton Boothman, Bradley Kemp, Zoey Norris


            Fushicho Daiko was founded in 1992 by Esther Vandecar, upon her return from living in Japan for 7 years.  The group performed for festivals and schools throughout Phoenix and the southwest beginning that same year.  In 1997 Fushicho Daiko was added to the Artist Roster of the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the performing group continued to grow artistically and creatively. 

Eileen became director of Fushicho Daiko in May 2011 upon Esther Vandecar's retirement and the group continues to perform throughout Arizona and the Southwest. Arizona residencies include Nogales, Phoenix, Yuma, Williams, Bull Head City, as well as Lubbock, Texas. Fushicho Daiko continually collaborates with numerous Arizona Commission on the Arts roster artists and groups throughout the state. 
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A soloist since 2001, Eileen has performed and taught in festivals, school residencies (Estrella Mountain Elementary; Spring 2003, Washington Elementary, Summers 2004-2016, Mercury Mine Elementary; Spring 2007, Orangewood Elementary; Fall 2007, Wilson Elementary, Summer 2011-2017, Hancock Elementary, Chandler, Spring 2012) , summer school, after school, juvenile correctional facilities and library programs throughout Arizona.

For a full listing of Taiko work as a soloist please see "Past Programs".

Eileen has been on the
Arizona Commission on the Arts Roster
with Fushicho Daiko since 1997 and as a soloist since 2001.


photo by Murray Writtle

International Travel/Study


Japan, July 2019

Performances in Hiroshima: Anniversary celebration founding of Hiroshima Taiko Hozonkai/Hiroshima Drumming Preservation Society.

Matsuyama; 40 Anniversary of Iyonokuni Suigun Daiko
400 performers from throughout Ehime Prefecture participated.

Nomura; rehearsal and repertoire sharing.

Workshop and study in Kyoto


Japan, August 2018

5 day intensive workshop with Taiko Crossroads, Iida City


Japan, July 2017

Travels to Hiroshima, Shikoku Island, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hachijo-jima/Island

Performances in Matsuyama, Nomura, Takamatsu, Hachijo-jima.

Japan, July 2013
Performances in Matsuyama and Nomura, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku.
Classes and rehearsals in Matsuyama, Hiroshima, and Tokyo.
Master Classes with Munakata Sensei of Hiroshima Taiko Hozonkai,

Mizuho Zako of Oedo Sukeroku Taiko and Tosha Sensei of Nihon Taiko Dojo.

Japan, July-August 2009
Performance in Matsuyama, Shikoku:

30 Anniversary of Iyonokuni Suigun Daiko
300 performers from throughout Ehime Prefecture participated
Performance at Imabari Festival with Kokyo Taiko

Performance at Dogo Onsen
Master Classes with Tauchi, Miyagawa, Kono, Takeuchi Sensei
Master Classes with Hiroshima Taiko Hozonkai and Munakata Sensei

Japan, August 2007.
Performance in Nagoya with Fushicho Daiko, August 15
Taiko study at Kodo's Earth Celebration, August 17-19 
Master classes with Sensei Masaaki Kurumaya, Fukuii, August 21-23 
Participation in Ogi Matsuri, Sado Island, August 28-30

China, June 2007. 
Second Lijiang Cultural Exchange Tour. American Artists from Arizona and New York participate in a three week exchange of artistic ideas and techniques with the artists of Lijiang. Field Trips to Shangri-La Tibet, Baisha Village, Lugu Lake

China, June 2006.
Coordinated and organized, with Tony Trapasso of Fushicho Daiko,
the First Lijiang Cultural Exchange Tour.
Taiko students from Phoenix, Arizona traveled to
Lijiang, China, a 900 year old UNESCO World Heritage Site City.
Taiko classes taught by Eileen and Tony.
Naxi People's Museum of History and Artifacts, Opening Ceremony
Lijiang Men's Prison, First American Group allowed into the Prison,
performance for 1,000 inmates

Japan and China, June-July 2002. 
Leader of WYVEA Cultural Exchange Tour.
Led a group of American professional, students throughout Japan
as well as Beijing and Xian, China.
Studied wind instruments with professional instructors in Japan and China

Japan, June-July 2001. 
Co-leader of WYVEA (World Youth Visit Exchange Association)
International Cultural Exchange Tour.
Co-led a group of American professionals and students to several cities in Japan.
Studied and performed Taiko in Yame, Nagoya, Hiroshima.

additional teaching experiences

Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, September 1990 - April 1994, music teacher
K-12, instrumental music program, grades 4 - 12. Developed and implimented music curriculum for hearing-impaired, deaf and multi-handicapped children, ages 5-21. Developed and directed numerous holiday and end of year productions.

After school Taiko program, led by Esther Vandecar, October 1992 - April 1994

SummerArtsSedona Summer Camp, June-July 1992-1996 residential camp for deaf and hearing impaired 7-18 year olds. Taught general music and Taiko.

Instrumental Music Teacher, September 1987- August 1990.
Rochester, New York. Self employed teacher of 90 students a week on 
woodwinds, brass, percussion, piano, accordion.

Sodus Elementary School, September 1986 - June 1987. Sodus, New York. Grades 4 - 6 classroom music, instrumental, band and choir director.


National Technical Institute for the Deaf/University of Rochester,
New York, Master’s Degree in Deaf Education K-12. 1988-1990

Nazareth College of Rochester, New York
B.S. Degree in Music Education K-12, 1982-1986, cum laude.
Major in Flute, minor in saxophone and piano.
Outstanding musician, class of 1986


Proficient in American Sign Language and German. Taiko instructor.
Music educator for deaf, hearing impaired and multi-handicapped,

special needs and at-risk children.


Japanese: Taiko (drum), fue, shakuhachi, horagai (wind instruments)
Chinese: dizi, xun, bawu, xiou (wind instruments)
Korean: Changgo (drum)
Australian/Aboriginal: didgeridoo
Western: accordion, flute, saxophone, piano, trumpet, clarinet, french horn
To do/learn list: bag pipes

Eileen has been married since 1989 to Patrick Morgan, a karate instructor specializing in Okinawan Martial arts and self defense for adults and children.

Plays guitar, banjo, bass, drums
Daughter: Chemical Technician at Nuclear Power Plant

Plays Taiko, piano, saxophone, flute, guitar and bass
Son: Welder, demolition and renovations, videographer, skateboarder

Plays banjo and drums

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