Eileen Morgan, Japanese Taiko Drumming, Performer and Instructor
Eileen Morgan, Japanese Taiko Drumming, Performer and Instructor

太鼓 Taiko - Great Drum

Japanese Taiko Drumming is an ancient Japanese art form that has found new vitality and relevance in modern day America. It is traditionally played in thousands of small communities and villages throughout Japan. Originally used for religious ceremonies, the power of the drums lent themselves to use during times of war and festivals. Today Taiko is played at festivals, concert halls and always in celebration of the human spirit. Taiko has the capacity to encourage cooperation and teamwork, and is an ideal platform to experience the joy of making music.


Taiko with Eileen Morgan provides children and

adults of all ages the opportunity to:

* Make powerful music within the first class.
* Learn and demonstrate the importance of cooperation           and teamwork.

* Compare and contrast the cultures of Japan

     and the United States; their similarities and differences

     and their relationship with one another throughout history.
* Learn, produce and use the advanced musical concepts of beat, rhythm, fractions, patterns and synchronization.
* Become increasingly aware of the power and abilities of one's own body to produce specific and intricate
     movements and musical rhythms.
* Explore the history and significance of Taiko, and the arts in general and how the arts affect a person's
     outlook on life, perception of self and their culture.

"I cannot begin to express how great your show was! The participants loved the interactive aspect of your show and I think that it made them feel empowered by that experience which is the exactly what we wanted the community to experience. Once again thank you so much for your support in helping us expand our community's horizons."

Joshua Parnell, City of Phoenix, Bret Tarver Community Center, United Nations Day


"The kids truly loved your performance, and they are still talking about it!  Your talent in art and your special way with kids helped to make this day a success for everyone!"  

Artist’s Day, Desert Willows Elementary School


"...you took on your role with ease, always knowing the right way to handle a challenging child and bring a smile to their face."

Susan Paull, Program Director, Free Arts of Arizona

"(Taiko) showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to."

Student, Eagle Point Juvenile Correctional Facility.



"Playing (Taiko) showed me to concentrate and focus on school and anywhere I go to try something new."

Luis, grade 3, Emerson Elementary    

Mission Statement
Bringing the joy of making music, the challenge of team work and the pride of effort and focus, through 
the art of Japanese Taiko Drumming,

to children and adults throughout Arizona and the southwest.

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